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Stream Toledo presents the best artists the area offers in live video streaming performances from Bigfoot Studios in Waterville, Ohio.

It's your chance to bring great live music into your own space.

Stream Toledo treats every show with care. The musicians you love often do their best to perform and, at the same time, deliver their songs via Internet. The Bigfoot team lets them concentrate on what they do best: Playing their hearts out. We light the scene, man the cameras, place the mics, and mix the sound. We make it crisp, clear, and clean. You make it as loud as you like.

Check out the schedule of upcoming shows below. And visit often...

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Stream Toledo performances will appear right here.


Near showtime, look for a player on this site or at The Bigfoot Studios Facebook page.

At present, all scheduled performances are free.

But musicians, and the people who present them, need to eat as much as the next guys. So you'll have a chance to make a donation that will be shared with the artist.

Soon To Stream

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September 24, 2020

Echo Record

Formally known as Human Juicebox, the band changed their name after inducting a new member, Alex Lepiarz. Focusing on riff oriented songs, the bands sound evolved, combining rock, soul and psychedelia.


Ready For Playback

Andrew Ellis square.jpg

August 5, 2020

Andrew Ellis

Andrew Ellis has one of the most valuable things a folk singer can have: world-weary, believable vocals. His deep, gravelly baritone recalls some of the greats, but like Steve Earle or Johnny Cash, it’s distinctively it’s own.

Chris Shutters square.jpg

August 26, 2020

Chris Shutters

Third Street Cigar artist Chris Shutters is a gifted songwriter, guitarist and vocalist whose passion is recognizable in every performance. His originals showcase his ability to combine soul with his technical prowess. He's toured with the son of Ginger Baker and Corky Laing's Mountain.

Jake Pilewski square.jpg

September 3, 2020

Jake Pilewski

A songwriter for the last 15 years with multiple projects. He's a breath of fresh air to both modern and traditional, bringing the classic styles and articulation of jazz, blues, and rock 'n' roll to the forefront of mainstream pop. 

Jeff Stewart square.jpg

August 10, 2020

Jeff Stewart

Whether he's playing music, creating art or taking in the local scene, Jeff Stewart is a man about town. A relentless Toledo supporter, Stewart is one of the affable creatives whose hard work and positive attitude is contagious. 

Aayan Naim square.jpg

September 3, 2020

Aayan Naim

International Blues Challenge runner-up Naim and his crew take on a spectrum of sounds adding R&B, rock, pop, soul and funk but the band is rooted in Chicago blues. Check out his Third Street Cigar album with The Good, The Bad, And The Blues.

Nikki D square.jpg

August 15, 2020

Nikki D. and

The Sisters of Thunder

Nikki D and the Browns, a.k.a. Sisters of Thunder. They’re a hard rocking, family-based gospel group from Toledo, Ohio, with as much energy as a nuclear power plant.. Steel doesn't get any more saced... or hotter.

Chloe and Steel Strings square.jpg

September 3, 2020

Chloe and The Steel Strings

Heartfelt lyrics, sincere vocals, dynamic instrumentals, and a set of identical twins: Chloe & the Steel Strings, an Americana Folk-pop outfit, bring back the authentic, heartfelt singer-songwriter nostalgia of the past


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